Panoramic Prints

Photographs from spectacular vistas often fail to capture the feeling of actually being there. This is largely because the perspective of the human experience is much wider than a 35mm image can convey.

Wide-angle lenses can capture more of a particular scene, but tend to for-shorten the image into disappointing proportions. Matt specializes in stitching together a series of individual photos from a single location into a single stunning panoramic image that gives a sense of truly being there.

Each panoramic image will vary in size depending on the number and orientation of original images stitched together. Panos can be ordered directly online in a variety of fixed sizes, but in many cases undesirable cropping may be required. Please contact Matt directly to discuss custom orders of panoramic prints.

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Sunset illuminates the summits of the White Cloud Crest seen from Strawberry Point.<br />
Native image dimensions - 20 x 58
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